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Game programmer (project system)

  •   Familiar with unity or other game writing tools.  

  • Possess relevant knowledge of the game market.  

  • Have a certain knowledge and enthusiasm for game production.  

  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software.  

  • Good communication, presentation and writing skills.  

  • Have a team spirit. 

Platform administrator (project system)

  • Familiar with the operation of major game platforms.  

  • Manage all game updates on the platform.  

  • Open a new platform for future development and put it on the shelf.  

  • WIN, MAC, NS, PS, XBOX, GOOGLE and other platform management. 

Game designer (project system )

  • Game content design and production.

  • Story dialogue.  

  • Creation, character design.  

  • Information preparation.  

  • Script writing.  

  • ANALYSE information.  

  • Event design and execution.  

  • Good at manipulating data and numbers.  

  • Good communication, presentation and writing skills.

Art designer (project system)

  • Develop graphics and product illustrations.  

  • Design the layout of the game UI layout.  

  • Responsible for 2D or 3D game content production, including scene production, title animation, draft drawing, interface production, etc.  

  • Use computer graphics to create new design concepts, and determine the size and required materials.  

  • Review the final layout and make suggestions.  

  • Draw the design diagram.  

  • Make game models and storyboards.

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