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About Us​

Based on the principle of supporting "local creation" and "in-house development", our company develops some game works that are not recognized by the industry, so as to share with friends all over the world. The game can be different, plus the game digital version In addition to launching a limited boxed version, we will also launch it on Steam, Macstore, and Windows store platforms. In the future, our company will also land on the Nintendo SWITCH version, so that more people can play our games.

[ West Dos ( Hong Kong ) Ltd. ] was established in July 2013, the company will be the agent, distribution and self-developed computer games as its main business. Recently, games have entered the age of digitization, and we need to produce some quality packaging to exchange quality for quantity and provide more choices for players. From beginning to end, I hope that in order to obtain a locally created game team or group, we will launch a physical boxed version to achieve a more real sense of value.


In fact, there are many quality independent game production teams in Hong Kong, and they have launched many good game works. Due to the relationship between digitalization, a large number of game platforms have appeared on the platform. In this small Hong Kong, in addition to different In addition to being put on sale on the platform, it can also be launched as physical goods and can be listed in Taiwan.


We also distribute the stand-alone computer games of the famous local developer "Fire Dog Workshop". And we also distribute the famous Japanese-language works of Taiwanese manufacturer "Future Digital". In recent years, we have also launched some new single-player games developed by local production teams. It seems that there is a well-known simulated business work "Convenience Store 6", which has become one of the few single-player games in recent years and has become a physical product. , And successful selling.


In the future, the company will continue to create more locally created games for everyone through cooperation or investment!!

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