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Girls Restaurant

Girls Restaurant

Game Name: Girls Restaurant


Release Date: July 13, 2010


Support language: Traditional Chinese version


SRP: HK$98


Brief introduction of game content:

Lead "Gourmet Angels" to challenge six cities! The game is to run a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant, manage 8 "Gourmet Angels" to take care of the shop, and successfully challenge "Mong Kok", "Macau", "Shanghai", "Taipei", "Beijing", "Central" and other six regions set the customs clearance conditions.


​ "Chef Value" in exchange for new dishes! After getting a certain amount of "Guest Satisfaction" in the game, you can get "Chef Value". "Chef’s Value" can be used to exchange for new dishes and props. Each city also has its own characteristics! Players need to exchange "Chef Value" for local special dishes and props, so that each store can integrate the best of local cuisine and decoration.


​ A large number of dishes and props! There are more than 80 dishes and more than 100 props in the game, from "Portuguese Pork Chop Bun" to "Beijing Roast Duck", allowing players to collect their own favorites. Very fun layout function!


Players can arbitrarily decorate the shop, and guests will really feel the decor around them, making it more fun to decorate the restaurant. Abundant management gameplay! Set "Regular Meal", "Breakfast", "Lunch", "Tea", "Dinner", and "Supper", set the price and quality, set the signature dishes, advertise, and manage the business. Simple operation, rich content.


​ The game operation is simple, just like "Restaurant City" and "Fantasy Western Restaurant", but the gameplay is more colorful.



System Requirements:

Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 /10

CPU: Pentium III ( or equivalent ) or above

Memory: no less than 128MB

Graphics card: Support DirectX9 or compatible graphics card

Sound card: Support DirectX9 or compatible sound card

Hard disk space: not less than 650MB CD drive: 8X or more CD-RM


Updated Patch: Windows


Update content:

※At the request of players, "Full Screen Mode" has been added.

※Fixed the display problem that the cost is not adjusted accordingly after changing the "Quality" in the "Menu".

※Fixed the problem of incorrect display of profit in the "Statistical Data Table".


Installation method:

  1. Download the update package, the file name is
  2. Unzip the file, unzip it out The executable file of
  3. Double-click the executable file, and the program will be automatically updated to version 1.1.

Purchase link: physical version

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