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Love Smith Saga

Love Smith Saga

Game name: Love Smith Saga


Release Date: Under development


Support language: Traditional Chinese


Brief introduction of game content:

In order to become a first-class blacksmith, Hilles explored and practiced all over the world. Unexpectedly, in a cave exploration, he almost lost his life due to an attack by a monster. Fortunately, he was saved by a passing woman. No but it didn't go through like this. After Hillsloy woke up, the woman said to the protagonist... "I am your savior, so you will be the manager of my weapon shop!"

Later, she was entangled by an unidentified female clerk and forced to participate in the 5-year Forge Carnival...


Game features:

Simulation store mode:

Players need to operate a weapon shop, earn money by accepting commissions and trading, in order to carry out other activities.


Forging mode:

Players can use a variety of different materials to process or forge a variety of instruments and weapons.


Hunting mode:

Players can obtain different materials to make props or weapons by hunting different monsters in the game.


Love mode:

Players increase the favorability of certain objects through different events and dialogues in the game. With the change in favorability, the story advancement in the game is also different.

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