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Mahjong World 2013

Mahjong World 2013

Game Name: Mahjong World 2013


Release Date: May 30, 2013


Support language: Traditional Chinese version


SRP: HK$88


Brief introduction of game content:

The stand-alone version of "Mahjong World" combines the elements of Guangdong, Taiwan, and Japan. One color, four dark engravings, etc., as well as Taiwanese seven pairs of cards ( i.e. chuck chuck ), all bands, mixed bands, etc., make the game more versatile and more challenging.


Original Mahjong Add excitement to gameplay

Thirteen pieces of Mahjong combine the characteristics of the rules of China, Taiwan and Japan to create a brand-new Mahjong game mindset! From now on, the game is no longer limited to monotonous combinations of "mixing one color" and "pairing Hu". You can use your wisdom and adapt to the hand of cards you get, combining up to 47 different ways of "eating Hu". , Let you taste the combination of "Seven Pairs", "All Belts", "Five Doors", "One Color Three Harmony", clever use of various techniques, with the fastest, fastest and most flexible means, and Compete against computer opponents!


Know yourself and the enemy No difficulty in upgrading

The game adds a rank system for players to identify the opponent's level during a battle. The rank is based on the official system of different dynasties in China and the custom-made level system of the legendary gods. Starting from the protégé, how skilled is it to be promoted to the governor, the emperor, and even the dragon king ? It depends on the player's skill. The game ranks are divided into three levels, including "experience system", "token system" and "streak system". After each game is over, the points earned by players and opponents will be listed, and the system will decide based on the points earned by players How many experience points you gain? If you reach the specified goal, you can certainly level up without difficulty, but if you lose, you may be penalized by "downgrade".


Record the results of "Shi Hu" Share anytime Let you show off at any time

The game will always record the player’s achievements and rankings, such as "Big Four Happiness", "Nine Sons Link", "Eighteen Arhats", "Duanma Nine", etc., and you can also know which Hu type you eat most often, accumulate Your experience will also be upgraded, allowing you to be a noble person. In addition, when completing the game, players can review the rankings of the past twenty rounds, and can show their friends their own record and rankings anytime and anywhere.


Gorgeous picture Easy operation


The gorgeous picture is different from ordinary mahjong games in the past. The picture composition is displayed in a completely gorgeous Chinese style, which makes people's eyes bright. When eating a Hu, if the score is higher, the picture will have lightning special effects. In addition to the gorgeous graphics, the designer has also taken into account the player’s operational issues. Just tap on the mahjong to enlarge the display, and then push it up to play out. Other common commands such as thrush, up, and kong also become large. Put the button in the middle, so you will never call the wrong card.


System Requirements:

Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7/10 / 8 ( 32 bit )

CPU: Pentium III ( or equivalent ) or above

Memory: no less than 128MB

Hard disk space: not less than 650MB

Optical disc drive: CD-Rom


Purchase link: physical version

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